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DURABLE FLEX 115x230x5
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Scotch-Brite ™ Durable Flex MX-HP Hand Pad
Flexible non-woven material (non-woven abrasive) for hand sanding
For matting corners and edges when sanding filler or refinishing
Also ideal for preparing factory primed plastic parts and matting clear coat.
Density particle distribution - Generates fast, aggressive, uniform cut and leads to a homogeneous finish
Extremely flexible design - Fits into the work piece and generated by the outstanding flexibility even in hard to reach areas an excellent micrograph:
Best application results in lower pressure thanks to the specially designed, durable nylon fibre material with closely spaced abrasive minerals
Until the depth with abrasive grain mixed - Increases as the lifetime of the product.
Elastic support material - Low wear and prevents premature clogging at enormous durability
Best Features - High material removal rate, efficient roughening, fast matting and versatile applications
Long service life over the entire life of the product, specially coated non-woven reduces clogging of the hand pads
High productivity - The high-performance hand pad reduces the processing time for surface preparation
Cost and time savings through reduced consumption quantities and process optimization
Dimensions (W x L): 115 x 128 mm
Type: A
Colour: Grey
Grade: Ultra-fine
Packaging unit: 25

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