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Flexovit KOERPER 5647599
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Saint Gobain Abrasive sleeves
Zircon blue. Faster stock removal, longer tool life when used on high-alloy metals, carbon steel and non-ferrous metals.
Dimensions Ø x height: 45 x 30 mm
Max. Speed: 12.700
Korn: 50
Package: 50
Abrasive sleeves:
Abrasive sleeves consist of helically wound abrasive cloth, lined and glued with a cotton fabric. Abrasive sleeves can be used on metals, leather, glass, plastic and wood. They are ideal for removing paint, for surface cleaning and grinding applications. They can be used to electrically and pneumatically powered tools and must always fit the actual size of the slotted supporting rubber body.
To span light -
- Good access to elbows and bends
- Excellent Fine Grinding deburring
- The resistant winding brings an aggressive cut at the same time gives the rubber supporting body an acceptable finish
- Reduces Processing Time
- Gives a very well prepared surface
- The sanding sleeve is fixed by the self-tensioning tie holder without additional tools

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