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TRENNSCH 63X1.0X6.35 5 ST

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Norton blade BlueFire METAL-INOX

Bonded abrasives used for separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as in building materials, such as for separating pipes and construction materials, in foundries and metalworking
For steel / stainless steel Inox
Optimized for separating operations in the Body Repair
The ultra-thin cutting disc sets new standards in separating thin-walled workpieces, sheets, tubes and profiles
Even solid materials can be easily separated
Works very precisely and provides burr-free and quick release results
Exceptional, unparalleled stability
Creates an extremely clean and precise cut
Also suitable for cutting aluminum

Dimensions (A-Oxi-ØxH): 63 x 1.0 x 6.35 mm
Peripheral speed: max. 80 m / s
Specification: Hard
Form: 41R (straight)

Content: 5
Package: 1

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