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3M ABRASIVE STRIP 140x171 K1000

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3M ™ Hookit ™ Abrasive Flexible Strip

Ideal for applications in hand grinding area, z. B. when sanding corners and edges when sanding filler and after the filler application and the grind of factory primed plastic parts
Characterized by good grinding properties (excellent in the grinding power and the finish) and scores with high flexibility, adaptability, and a soft feel.
Kombinieret the coarse and fine-tuning performance of a conventional abrasive with the added flexibility and can achieve even hard to reach places
Extremely flexible - These abrasive strips can be directly connected to the hand process on a Scotch-Brite pad or the included double-sided foam Hookit ™ hand pad dry or wet
Color-coded (for different process steps), printed and perforated double strip with clear indication of grain
Faster, better, and more comfortable!

Grain size: P1000
Dimensions (W x L): 140 x 171 mm
Color: brown

Carton Unit: 25

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