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NORTON Multi-Air® abrasive strips Plus A975

Produced according to the highest technology standard
Specially developed for dry grinding applications
Characterized by a faster section, cooler grinding, higher resistance to clogging and longer service life than any conventional sandpaper
The special No-Fil® coating prevents dust build and prevents premature clogging of the abrasive strips
The optimal choice for bodyshops
The Norgrip® Velcro pad allows a quick change and reduced process times

Fields of application:
Grinding applications on polyester fillers, primers and varnishes (including scratch-resistant ceramic varnishes)
Finishing and smoothing of primers
Applications in the automotive industry, body shops, etc. on composites and gel coat
Particularly suitable for demanding applications when sanding paint, composites and gel coat

Features - Advantages:
Ceramic SG® alumina - Very high material removal, holds up to two times longer than conventional abrasive products, more consistent finish, einheitlliches grinding pattern
Unique, fiber-reinforced latex paper - Flexible and tear resistant
No-Fil® water-based coating - less clogging
No pigment in No-Fil® or in the binding - no transfer of color pigments

Dimensions (W x L): 70 x 125 mm
Grit: P120

Carton: 50

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