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3M Scotch-Brite ™ Roloc ™ CG-ZR coarse cleaning disc soft,

Application: For the punctual, mechanical removal of soft materials, derusting.
Processing equipment: electric die grinders, pneumatic grinders Universal; Max. RPM: 8000 U / min.
Dimensions: 100 x 13 mm
Execution: GP blue, soft
Package: 10

Rough cleaning discs are easy to use, durable and time-saving, especially for difficult to edit points. They promote work safety: No injury from coming loose wires. In addition, they are free of corrosion producing metals, as they are made of nylon non-woven fabric, which is treated with "anti-lubricant". Coarse cleaning discs can be used in the removal of underbody protection, sealants, old paint, rust, transport primer, adhesive residues and cleaning of tarnish (oxides) or welded joints.

Coarse cleaning disc GP Blue for all applications
- High removal on various substrates
- Greater flexibility in corners and recesses
- Soft and smooth finish - especially suitable for visible surfaces
- No clogging and maintenance of cutting ability
- For the selective use

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