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3M cleaning discs with shaft

Application: For the occasional, mechanical removal of soft materials, rust removal.
Processing Device: Pneumatic Universal Grinder; Max. RPM: 8,000 for Ø 100 mm, 6000 for 150 mm.

Dimensions: 100 x 13 mm
Model: CSD-S XT Purple
Package: 10

Rough cleaning discs are easy to use, durable and time-saving, especially for difficult to process bodies. they
promote work safety: No injury by coming loose wires. Moreover, they are free from corrosion-inducing metals because
They are made of nylon nonwoven fabric, which is treated with "anti-lubricant". can rough cleaning discs when removing
underbody protection, sealants, old paint, rust, transport primer, adhesive residues and cleaning of tarnish
(Oxides) or welded joints are used.

High-coarse cleaning disc XT Purple for extreme applications
- Highest material removal on various substrates
- Robust in the edge region
- Coarse finish
- No clogging and maintenance of cutting ability

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