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Brush OSBORN Novoflex-B
The flexible honing tool OSBORN

Bore Ø: 9
Novoflex-B Ø: 10
Working Length: 50
Overall length: 200
Shank Ø: 3.7
Korn: SC 120

Package: 6

• Rugged, self-centering honing tool for gentle grinding process
• Due to the flexible design of the brush, the abrasive surface of the balls adjust, making the edge breaking, for finishing of surfaces, and also in non-round holes used
• Ideal tool for producing a uniformly finely polished surface with high contact ratio, the so-called plateau finish. This produces a cross-grinding which is excellent support for a possible oil film adhesion.
• The result is a surface that is free from cold-formed and deformed material
• Easy to use both hand drills as well as honing machines and vending machines
• Best price performance ratio

Fields of application:
• engine cylinder
• connecting rods
• drilling of shafts and cranks
• Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
• Valve Guides
• Compressed air devices
• wheel brake cylinder
• brake master cylinder
• Tubes and pipes
• and many other applications in the automotive, hydraulics and in heat exchangers

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