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Schleifblock 70X400MM

150,65 CHF
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FACOM bench grinder
Self-adjusting whipstock
Sole with Velcro connection
Adapts automatically round and straight surfaces on
Just grind even faster and effortless applied putty
The self-adjusting whip fits the sandpaper directly the elliptical or curved surface shape
Thus Reduzieriert the putty layers
Easy and accurate recovery of shapes
The entire paper surface of the sandpaper is claimed
Moreover can be vacuumed directly via a specially mounted and removable purge of this dust produced, thus ensuring a significant reduction of dust volume.
To guarantee the use of various papers Schlei the new sanding block is compatible with Schlei paper from 3M and Velcro
Technical specifications:
Rich plate: 70 x 400 mm
Usable area LxWxH: 400 x 70 x 120 mm
Weight: 660 gr

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