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Motoröl 10W40 TR 1 Liter JMC

6,90 CHF
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JMC Motor Oil 10W-40 Extra TR

fully universal, smooth-running engine oil based and partially synthetically produced base oils. Suitable for many truck units such as MB, MAN, Volvo, MTU and Renault
Ultra High Performance Diesel Engine Oil (UHPD oil)
Especially for the latest generation of 4-stroke truck diesel engines
Based on PAO and HC base oils
Can be used in many diesel engines and turbocharged
Suitable for year-round use
Low ash content ensures high engine cleanliness
Guaranteed rapid lubrication of the engine even at low temperatures
Good lubricating properties and high shear stability at high and low temperatures
Protects against mirror surface formation on cylinder walls
Neutral towards sealing materials
Reduces fuel and oil consumption
Can be mixed with commercially available engine oils

Manufacturer approvals:
MAN 3271-1, M 3477
MB Approval 228.51

E6 / E7

Specification API:

Manufacturer recommendation:
Deutz DQC III-10LA
Cummins CES 20076 / -77
Mack EO-N
MB 226.9
MTU Type 3.1
Volvo CNG / VDS-3
Renault RGD / RXD / RLD-2

Can be used in many diesel engines with and without turbocharging. For trucks, buses and vehicles. Cartechnic SAE 10W-40 SP is specifically designed and tailored to the latest generation of 4-stroke diesel engines. Usable with extended oil change interval.

Packaging: Can
Contents: 1 liter
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