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MB 228.5/.51 CT 5586805
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Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10W-40
Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10W-40 is an extra high performance diesel engine oil based on synthetic base oils. The product was designed for modern, low-emission high-performance engines that are exposed on the road demanding operating conditions. Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10W-40 is with base oils produced the highest levels of performance, which are characterized by excellent low-temperature fluidity, a high viscosity index, low evaporation loss and the potential for fuel savings. The tailored, pioneering additive system of Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10W-40 contributes to a longer life and constant efficiency of diesel particulate filters. These are installed by some commercial vehicle manufacturers in order to meet the emission requirements of Euro IV and future Euro V standard.
Features / Benefits:
Powerful, low-emission engines provide significantly greater demands on engine oils than older models. Tighter engine, intercooler and turbocharger additionally increase the thermal stress on the lubricant. Higher fuel injection pressure and optimized combustion processes improve fuel combustion in the engine, producing the same, however, higher engine temperatures and higher evaporation losses and lead to more soot pollution of the motor oil. Mobil Delvac XHP LE 10W-40 meets these requirements in all respects and protects with its pioneering technology with diesel particulate filters fitted exhaust systems.
• diesel engines of European builders, with and without turbochargers
• Light to heavy goods vehicles
• Modern high-performance engines with diesel particulate filter
Manufacturer approvals:
DAF Extended drain
Deutz DQC III-05
Mercedes-Benz MB 228.51, MB 228.5, MB 235.27
MAN 3477, MAN 3277 (CRT)
MTU Oil Category 3.1
Renault Trucks RXD / RLD-2, Renault Trucks RGD
Scania low ash
Volvo VDS-3
E7 / E6 / E4
Container type: Canister
Content: 4 liters

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