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Getriebeöl ATF 1 Liter Valvoline

pro 236.15 JMC 5581315
20,20 CHF
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Valvoline Automatic transmission fluid ATF PRO 236.15
Fully synthetic premium high performance automatic transmission fluid for passenger cars, vans, light trucks, SUV with fuel-lowering properties
Valvoline ATF Pro 236.15 provides superior protection and perfect lubrication of the automatic transmission over a wide temperature range
The reduced viscosity of the product reduces the fuel consumption by more easily it flows through the automatic transmission and improves the switching of the latest 7-Tronic G Plus gear
Outstanding wear protection, even under heavy use
Unique additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foaming, and deposits
Synthetic premium base oils and a balanced additive system avoid breakdowns and stick-slip even after long use
Fuel consumption reduction through lower viscosity, lighter oil flow and lower resistance
Outstanding viscosity-temperature properties even at very low temperatures. Highly stable viscosity over a long period
Advanced friction Fully synthetic premium base oils, viscosity and friction modifiers provide excellent friction properties and thus for easier shifting. Furthermore, the product of the aging resists and shows excellent heat resistance
Suitable for automatic transmission in cars, vans, light trucks, SUVs, etc., where the manufacturer recommends an ATF according to MB 236.15
Can in MB 7-speed automatic transmission NAG 2 + are used
Not suitable for other automatic
Not suitable for use as MB 236.10, 12, 14
Valvoline recommends this gear oil for use in vehicles, are required for the following specifications:
MB 236.15
MB NAG 2 + gear
MB 7-speed automatic transmission series Tronic Plus
Packaging: Can
Contents: 1 liter

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Container:1 Litre
Viscosity:ATF Pro
Hersteller Empfehlungen:MB 236.15
MB NAG-2 Getriebe
MB 7-Gang-Automatikgetriebe Serie Tronic Plus
Suitable for Turbo:Yes