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Getriebeöl DCT 5 Liter Valvoline

JMC 5581306
68,65 CHF
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Valvolineoil DCTdual clutch transmission
Fully synthetic gear oil for passenger cars and vans of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and other manufacturers with dual clutch transmission
Valvoline DCT Fluid provides maximum protection and perfect lubrication of the dual clutch transmission over a wide temperature range
Maximum protection against wear, even at high loads.
Modern additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foam and deposits
Synthetic base oils and a highly balanced additive system avoid breakdowns even after long use
Outstanding viscosity-temperature properties even at very low temperatures. Maximum stable viscosity with long-lasting benefits multigrade
Just the right friction properties under hot and cold conditions
Vehicles with dual clutch transmissions have compared to those with normal transmissions on a lower fuel consumption. Valvoline DCT fluid is specifically designed for use in dual-clutch transmissions, has a long lubricant life and ensures long durability of the twin-clutch transmission
Especially for Volkswagen DSG gearboxes in cars and vans
Suitable for certain models of Audi, Skoda, Seat, Lamborghini and Nissan with VW DSG gearbox
DSG gearbox and transaxle units types 02E (DQ 250) and OBT (DQ 500) and DL501 with wet clutches
Getrag Powershift 7DCL750
The product is not suitable for DCT types OAM, 02M, 02Q and 02S with dry clutch
type: Fiat C635, Renault EDC, VW DSG DQ 200
Do not mix with other transmission and gear oils
Valvoline recommends this gear oil for use in vehicles, are required for the following specifications:
BMW 83,222,148 to 578.579
BMW 83222147-147
BMW 83220440-214
Ford M2C936-A
MB 236.21
Mitsubishi Dia Queen SSTF-1
Porsche oil no. 999.917.080.00
PSA 9734.S2
Volvo 1161838, 1161839
VW TL 521 82
VW G 052 182 G 052 529
Container type: Canister
Content: 5 liters

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Container:5 Litre
Hersteller Empfehlungen:BMW 83 220 440 - 214
BMW 83 222 147 - 477
BMW 83 222 148 - 578.579
Ford M2C936-A
MB 236.21
Mitsubishi Dia-Queen SSTF-1
Porsche Öl Nr. 999.917.080.00
PSA 9734.S2
Volvo 1161838. 1161839
VW G 052 182. G 052 529
VW TL 521 82
Suitable for Turbo:Yes