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Cartechnic gear oil SAE 75W-80 SYNT FE

Fully synthetic high-performance gear oil offering cold viscosity for low fuel consumption and optimized transmission efficiency
Specially adapted to-wear un cold start requirements of modern passenger car transmission
Comfortable switching behavior, low shift forces
Very good wear and corrosion protection
Lowered cold viscosity for excellent fuel efficiency
High temperature and oxidation stability by fully synthetic base oils and special additives
Pronounced shear stable - "Stay-in-grade"
stabliler Even in very hot oil and very high loads filming
Excellent cold viscosity for improved switching capability, fast lubrication and low refrigerant wear
Reduced gear noise
Warning: Not for use in stages machines, ind DCT / DSG (dual clutch) or CVT (Continuously Variable automatic) transmissions suitable
Mixed and is compatible with conventional and synthetic gear oils other. To reap the full product benefits but is a complete gearbox oil change recommended

ATR recommends this gear oil for use in vehicles which comply with the following specifications:
API GL-4 / GL-5
BMW MTF LT-1 / -2 / -3 / -4
Ford WSS-M2C200-D2
Mercedes-Benz MB 235.10
PSA (Peugeot / Citroen) 9730 A2 / A8 / B 71 2330
Toyota JWS 227
Volkswagen / VW G 009 317 / G052 171 / G52 178 / G052 512 / G052 726 / G052 527 / G052 532 / G052 798 / G055 726

Container type: Canister
Content: 5 liters

Pcs./carton: 4

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