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HERTH + BUSS Solder end splice series SGRS

Shrinkable connectors adhesive lined, insulated and sealed

Line-range: 0.7 to 2.4 mm²
Insulation color: green
Bundle-Ø: max .: 3,3 mm
Length: 38.3 mm
Temperature range: -55 ° C to +125 ° C

Package: 10

Example of use:
, Remove 15 mm of insulation from all the cables to be joined
Then align the lines and form a trunk group
Insert the wire bundle in the Interconnect-grip end users and turn slightly
The copper insert clamped firmly on the stripped wires and keeps them together
Then heat the end connector with a hot air blower
Range of copper use heat until the solder ring melts and the solder in the core of the trunk flows
When using a sealed Endspleißes the series GRS the sealing ring from wärmeschmelzendem adhesive must be heated until the adhesive melts and flows between the lines (no crimping)

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