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tesa® self-welding silicone tape Xtreme Conditions 4600

Silicone tape without adhesive, which is adhered to his own support
Because of the flexible material it adapts perfectly to different surfaces and guarantees an immediate, hermetic seal
Even outside on oily, dirty or wet substrates reliable applicable.
Can also be used for temporary bonding and can be removed without residue.
Also an application under water is possible.
Due to the silicone substrate, it has an excellent resistance to various chemicals, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, UV radiation and high temperatures.
Without Liner

Insulation and protection of cables and connections
Sealing applications in the engine compartment
Various bundling, security and Umwicklungsanwendungen in the marine industry
Wrapping of hydraulic valves and other unprotected metal compounds for the prevention of corrosion
Diverse Abdeckmöglichkeiten during the process of Pulverbschichtung, wet coating or electroplating
Insulate and protect cables and connections in the field of automotive industry
Maritime applications to protect the rigging

Very good water resistance and abrasion resistance
Hand tearability, medium
Easy to remove
Certified nachUL retardancy Flame 510

Technical specifications:
Thickness: 500 microns
Elongation at break: 600%
Tensile strength: 33 N / cm
Temperature resistance: -60 ° C to +260 ° C
Dielectric strength: 8,000 volts

Dimensions (W x L): 25 mm x 3 m
Colour: transparent
Container. role

Carton unit: 16

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