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Osram Quick Starter / safety starter DEOS Safety

For extra comfort
Meets high demands on safety and economy
• Automatic and reliable shutdown of faulty or burnt fluorescent lamps. This eliminates annoying flickering and unscheduled maintenance work sequentially.
• Open circuit for the protection of starter and ballast
• Suitable for both to operate with conventional (KVG) as well as to low-loss (VVG) ballasts
• Four times longer service life compared to conventional, non-self-turn-starters
• Immediate re-dedication of the system after the interruption by simply pressing the red button
• Switching life: from = 10000 = circuits up to 60,000 in inductive operation. This results in a useful life of approximately 2 results until about 10 years
• Up to 20% longer lamp life of fluorescent lamps
• Suitable for protection class II

Circuit: Single
For fluorescent lamps: 30/32, 38, 36/40, 58/65 Watt
For DULUX L / F: 36 Watt
Voltage: 220 - 240 Volt
Temperature range for safe torque off: -20 ° C to +80 ° C.

Carton: 25

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