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SKF bellows Universal straps set "big," 12-pieceContains 12 high-quality, universal replacement metal straps for quick and secure attachment of Gummifaltenbälgen / Achskopfmanschetten and steering boots (not Thermoplastic!)Ideal for low-cost, time-saving service if bellows and constant velocity joint must be replaced intact and only damaged strapsWith only two sizes to cover about half of all kits with bellows.To ensure reliable operation of the bellows, and therefore also the constant velocity joint, which straps have to sit exactly and must be fastened tightlyThese straps are fastened with a clamping and clamping pliers for endless clips (see accessories)Is also recommended for use in steering boots
Technical specifications:Design: largeUp to Ø: 240 mmLength: 760 mmWidth: 5 mm

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