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Oetiker worm thread clamp W2 (Type 126)
Belt and housing made of stainless steel, hex bolt (SW7) with Phillips (Phillips) made of galvanized steel
Sophisticated multi-range hose clamp with a very large clamping range
Compliant with DIN 3017: certified clamp band, large clamping range, high holding forces
The short housing saddle ensures a uniform force distribution with good sealing
A seam-free housing compound for a secure connection and good corrosion resistance
Beaded band edges reduced the risk of damage to the hose
Manufactured by cold forming, dadruch it has a slightly rounded shape
The height of the threads decreases toward both sides, the full thread cross section is situated in the middle
Diameter range: 50 - 70 mm
Bandwidth: 9 mm
Tape thickness: 0.6 mm
Material: 126 W2, material no. 1.4016 / UNS S43000
Reference No .: WD9 50-70 C7 W2
Pcs./carton: 100

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Type:Jubilee Clips
Minimum Diameter:50 mm
Maximum Diameter:70 mm
Width:9 mm
Material:Stainless Steel
Special feature:galvanised