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3M ™ Liftn Stick Starter Kit

The tapes are in a matching donor, on which the applications are presented graphically
Specially developed adhesive tape for the car repair market, the fine covering and masking
Lift ~ 8217 ~ 8217 ~ n ~ Stick consists of a wide plastic tape at its edge an integral plastic strip is attached, which can be easily inserted between the rubber seal and the body
For masking of rubber seals of bonded vehicle windows
The particular structure (• masking tape with a transparent plastic strip, and paper liner) allows a lifting of the sealing disc of the rubber body, so that the color edge, which thus extends to below the sealing rubbers, remains invisible
Leaves no adhesive residue on glass or paint
Good performance and clean removal can be achieved on different surfaces at different temperatures / residence
Temperature resistance up to 120 ° C (40 minutes) / 110 ° C (1 hour)

Scope of supply:
4 rolls of 50 mm x 10 m

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