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Colad® protector Film4Crash

Extremely resistant, flexible, self-adhesive protective film, the openings of destroyed windows, lighting fixtures or closes doors in a vehicle collision or vandalism so that they are protected against the weather
Includes opening created hermetically against moisture
Weather Protector with UV properties: ultraviolet solar radiation resistant up to 6 months = No more fading from Interior
Can be used after oven or infrared drying of the painted vehicle immediately
Easy to stick to a clean and dry surface
Small wrinkles or bubbles after sticking have no effect on the properties
Simply deduct without any residues
For single use only.

Material: Polyethylene (PE)
Thickness: 75 microns
Color yellowish transparent
Melting point: 120 ° C.
Working temperature: 16-27 °
Release: max. 6 months (normal weather conditions)

Packaging: roll
Contents: 75 x 60 m
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