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2-PACK 1000g
16,20 CHF
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prestolith ® extra fiberglass putty
To bridge damage porous areas and small holes, with special adhesion and resistance by the incorporated
Chopped glass fiber. Ideal substrate for subsequent processing with other prestolith fillers. PE fiber filler. For professional applications in the broad thermoforming box.
Fiberglass putty with a new NT bonding agent consisting of pure, unsaturated polyester resin and fiberglass parts.
Product Specification:
For repairing larger damaged areas, which already have rusted through and are exposed to a special mechanical stress. Can be used on metal, wood, concrete, plastics, etc. many perforations can be bridged and stabilized, larger bumps are required. The newly developed adhesive NT provides a particularly good adhesion, the elastic resin used allows use on surfaces that are exposed to stress and strain forces.
- Sanded after about 20 - 30 mins
- Pot life at 20 ° C: about 10 minutes
- Flash point: around 33 ° C.
- Density at 20 ° C: 1,46 kg / dm ³
- Addition of hardener: 2.5%
- Temperature resistance of the cured material up to 120 ° C
- Resistant to acids, alkalis, propellants, solvents, water and de-icing salts
- Colour: light grey
Colour: light grey
Content: 1000 g
Packaging unit: 12
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