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VARTA LCD Universal Charger / Battery Charger

Modern very high-quality design
Blue LCD display with LED backlight: for state of charge and USB Display
The complete solution for all sizes batteries: Loads AA (mignon) / AAA (Micro) / C (Baby) / D (Mono) and 9V (Block) cells
Unequipped, matching battery see accessories
Additional USB output for charging external devices
Simultaneous charging of cells and a USB device possible
AC power adapter
Comprehensive security features: the detection of counterfeit and defective cells, Minus Delta U Absschaltung, safety timer, short-circuit protection and Alkaline detection
Mechanical protection against incorrect polarity
Charging time: 4 hours *
3 years warranty

Technical specifications:
Technology: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Sizes: Micro, Mignon, Baby, Mono, E-block device
Shutdown function: -? v / temperature / timer
Protection wrong polarity: Mechanical scheme

Charging currents
AAA: 200 mA ± 10%
AA: 450 mA ± 10%
C: 450 mA ± 10%
D: 450 mA ± 10%
9V: 34 mA ± 10%

Backup Timer
AAA: 6.5 h ± 1 h
AA: 6.5 h ± 1 h
C: 6.5 h ± 1 h
D: 6.5 h ± 1 h
9V: 8 h ± 1 h

* Depending on the capacity of the cells: Tested with 4x AA 1600 mAh

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