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PVC control cable Flex-JZ 3x1.5 mm²

- PVC control cable with VDE registration
- Insulation: special PVC
- Copper conductor: bare, stranded freindrähtige
- Core identification: black with white numerals, one core green-yellow as protective conductor
- Number of cores: 3
- Cross-section mm²: 1.5
- Temperature range flexing: -5 ° C ... 70 ° C
- Temperature range fixed installation: -40 ° C ... 80 ° C
- Coat: special PVC-based, flame-retardant (IEC 60332.1), silver gray (RAL 7001)
- Outer diameter mm: 7.0

FLEX control cables are suitable for use in mechanical engineering, plant construction, in the power plant and in the heating and air conditioning. The lines are suitable mainly for use in dry, damp or wet areas, especially under industrial conditions. Outdoors, the cable must be laid only with UV protection and considering the temperature range.

Special feature:
FLEX control cables are largely resistant to oil and chemicals. They are robust and to bending. The grade PVC insulation and jacket materials allow optimal small outer diameter and therefore reduced space requirements. The core insulation meets the highest standards of electrical and mechanical nature. The high test voltage of 4000 V AC stands for highest insulation safety. The VDE Certified production control confirms the CE conformity of these 500 V lines to the EEC Low Voltage Directive.

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