Ablasshahn DIN 71

für DEST Wasser 60L 5590104
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Hünersdorff Tap with screw DIN 71
Suitable for industrial / packaging cans with screw DIN 71 (for b. For the Biesterfeld 60 liter plastic drum (canister) with distilled water)
For many applications such as laboratory, workshop, household and hobby
Composed of naturally colored screw, blue handle and transparent hose made of PUR
For food-safe polyethylene HDPE / LDPE
Acid and chemical resistant
Pressure resistant up to max. 0.4 bar (not suitable for use and dosage of gasoline and volatiles / internal pressure in the container may rise to 1.0 bar)
With integrated ventilation to ensure a quick deceleration gluckerfreies
Tailpipe OD: 19 mm / 3/4 "
Tailpipe inner Ø: 15 mm
Screw / thread dimension: DIN 71
Pressure tolerance: max. 0.4 bar
Weight: 90 g

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