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ROTWEISS Intensive Cleaner Concentrate

To eliminate extreme soiling
Dirt such as oil, fat or lime residues, as bird droppings
Particularly suitable for the fast, effective cleaning of plastic surfaces of all kinds (boats, camper vans, caravans, aircraft etc.)
For cleaning of tarpaulins and PVC tarpaulins etc.
Can also for floor cleaning (Workshop od. Garage floors, patios u. Balconies) are used

Application: Intensive Cleaner either by hand with a sponge or by spraying - in the ratio 1 - depending on the degree: 1 to 1: 5 Apply to the surfaces to be cleaned, let soak in briefly, and then spray hot or cold with high pressure cleaners or hard water jet. Can also be used directly via HD-cleaner about 1:10. Do not allow to dry! After washing, rinse with clear water.

Contents: 1 liter
Packaging: Bottle

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