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BGmaintenance / inspection package 109/110/208
For preventive application during the inspection for the prevention of carbon deposits and dirt around the entire engine and fuel system - From inspection interval for inspection interval
To eliminate existing problems in the engine and fuel systems - as an immediate remedy
For gasoline engines and diesel engines
The set includes the following 3 items:
Engine System Cleaner QuickClean 109: Receives the strength and function of your engine by quickly and effectively removing deposits n in oil and lubrication circuit on the piston rings and the hydraulic tappets
Engine oil additive MOA® 110: Dissolves deposits in the lubrication circuit or prevented this. Should preventative added at each oil change, or when existing problems in old oil about 500-1000 kilometers are used to loosen the debris. Another use in connection of the then necessary oil change is recommended to complete the cleaning. The engine oil additive remains over the entire duration of the change interval in the engine Special runflat protect the entire engine mechanics and reduce fuel consumption
Fuel System Cleaner 44K® Power Enhancer: The power conditioner cleans quickly and reliably, the fuel system, fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. Deposits in the upper parts of the engine can be reliably cleaned and reduced. Solves the problem of unstable idling, spluttering engines (engine stall) and power reduction. When these problems are caused by deposits represents the cleaners quickly the engine power to restore and improve the driveability of the engine and is therefore an excellent aid for the technician. Cleans quickly clogged injectors. Is compatible with all fuel system materials and ordinary fuel additives. Does not contain alcohol.
Packaging: Can
Content: 3 x 325 ml
Pcs./carton: 8

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