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Atera Roof Bicycle Carriers Giro AF

Finished pre-assembled bike carrier - no default and no pre-assembly necessary due to patented clamping system
Matt anodized aluminum elements
If shapely and streamlined on the car roof
Toolless Monage left or the right
For convenient loading of several bicycles on a base carrier
Absolute technical highlight is the automatic fixation (HOLD) of the bicycle frame at the open parenthesis handle after setting the bicycle in the bike rail
The striking tight grip keeps bikes from 20 to 29 inches, from strong to super slim frame sections (frame-round tubes Ø 22 -. 80 mm and oval tubes max 100 x 80 mm), with fat MTB tires or thin racing tires
The wheel holders with straps and quick release are shaped like wedges with the function to eliminate the enormous side / push and pull forces and prevent an imbalance of the impellers
Double Burglar - carrier and bicycle are separated by the standard integrated antitheft locks
Good or be mounted on all 20 x 30 mm / 22 x 32 mm square-standard profile support tubes and all aluminum C-profile carrying bars
The base plate with the two clamping levers is mounted on the base support
Pushed the clamp under the support pipe, hooked and fixed
When mounted on an aluminum C-profile, the nuts can be fixed with the clamping levers
City Crash tested
TÜV checked

Frame Ø round tubes / pipes Oval: 22 - 80 / max. 100 x 80 mm
Bike sizes: 20 - 29 inches

Awards and Awards:
International Desingnpreis Baden-Württemberg
2nd place in the ADAC Test 2011 and Stiftung Warentest 6/2011

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