Auffangwanne W 11

für 3x 200 Liter Fäßer
632,95 CHF
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25 006
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1 Stck.
Rapid drip tray W 11
Up to 3 x 200 liters or 4 x 60 liter drums or small containers
With grid and feet made of galvanized steel
Not rusty
High stability and chemical resistance
For the proper storage highly water-polluting substances and flammable substances AII / A III / B
According WHG prescribed outside of water protection areas for the storage and installation of single-walled containers, barrels and canisters with water polluting liquids
Certified according Ü mark (General building approval), TÜV Hessen, WS-Ü 12 / 12-01 according to Building Regulations List A Part 1, item. No .: 15:22
Technical specifications:
Water Capacity 230 liters
Load: max. 800 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,800 x 800 x 260 mm
Weight: 94 kg

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