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Alutec Aluminium B 47

Cheap standard box of series B with stable folding lever-release coupling with 2 alike Cylinder locks and holes for padlock or lead seal
Light, stable and resistant to deformation: Made of aluminum (wall thickness 0.8 mm), reinforced by profiled encircling deep embossed beads
Must be for anything good hands and transported safely - Ideal for mobile use when traveling, parades and for storing
Corrosion, weather and temperature resistant - The high quality aluminum casing protects the contents from moisture, heat and cold
Selbsteinklappende safety handles, handsympatisch plastic coating for easy carrying
Circumferential rubber seal in the box profile protects the contents from dust and splashing water
Two bands on the hinged lid prevent the hinges
Caution: It is important that uniform loading / placement of the box

Volume: 47 liters
Dimensions inside / outside (LxWxH): 550 x 350 x 245/580 x 380 x 275 mm
Weight: 3,6 kg

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