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MAWEK high frequency charger HFL112 IUoU MaxPower

The ultra high-power premium charger for the power hunger of the current vehicle Luxury class
With integrated battery test function
Includes SD card - to save and monitor the work
Ideal for detection with guarantee and warranty cases
100% full charge of all lead / acid, gel, AGM, fleece and maintenance-free batteries
Voltage limit for Li-ion batteries suitable
Perfect protection of on-board electronics, control unit, air bag, etc. Short-circuit and reverse polarity protection
Extensive self-protection and protection functions for eg. Defective batteries
Time charging and conservation
Reliable sparking suppression by soft start
The device is controlled via a 3.5 "touch color display and intuitive operation
Ultra high power of 10 to 100 A + adjustable
Range 4-1500 Ah

The following programs can be selected directly:
1. Charge battery test + Load Protokolierung on SD card for 12 Volt Voltage
2. SERVICE ideal for vehicle diagnostics + battery change (no data loss)
3. REACTIVATE for deeply discharged batteries
4. BOOST fast charge
5. showroom for exhibition vehicles

Delivery incl. 2 m power cord
Delivery without battery cable set

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