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ewo safety valve DN 8 typetested,
Safety valves are used for venting non-toxic and non-flammable gases in the atmosphere to the protection of pressure tanks against excessive pressure.

Technical specifications:
Connection thread: G 1/2 "
Thread Length: 12 mm
Overall length: 87 mm
SW: 24 mm
Set pressure: 9.0 to 15.0 bar
Operating temperature -10 ° C to +180 ° C
Opening pressure difference <10%
Closing pressure difference <10% (less than 3 bar <0.3 bar)
Mounting position; perpendicular
Material: Brass
Seal: FKM (Viton)
Seal: Aluminium
Tightening torque (valve installation): 13 Nm

Important information:
The supply line to the safety valve must not be 3%
Only factory-set and plumbed safety valves are supplied with the component identification. Therefore, when ordering the set must be specified in cash. For the functional test the safety valves by turning the
Thumbscrew be ventilated. Seat surfaces and conical nipples can by unscrewing the entire top part - without changing the pressure setting - be cleared of impurities penetrated. Repairs may only from
Manufacturers are executed.

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