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ColorMatic pre-fill Converter Conv-5 2K HS, solventborne
For Befülllung with max. 75 ml Lesonal Top Coat 420. A pre-filled box for the professional user. Contains converter for processing 2K acrylic paints. Suitable for most paint systems. The unique recipe in conjunction with the spray head (= flat spray variable nozzle) creates a professional spray pattern, comparable to the spray gun. Preliminary tests and compatibility examination necessary! The dealer adds the paint to the desired color and thus contributes to liability for the end product. Minor color variations are possible.

- A pre-filled with propellant, solvent and an additional spray Converter for processing without hardener addition. The 2K acrylic paint or 2K High-Solid Topcoat is a
Transferred filling device into the can and for use after final
- The Converter converts 2K acrylic or HS topcoat into a physically drying paint.
- The Converter converts the 2K-lacquer into a simple 1K paint to - the product of the semi-pro.
- High opacity
- Simple, time-saving application
- Very good atomization
- Easy blending

Content: 325 ml

Package: 12
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