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Getriebeöl ATF 1 Liter Valvoline

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Valvoline Automatic transmission fluid ATF

Fully synthetic ATF for passenger cars and vans
For new automatic transmission and those with high mileage
Contains unique seal Cleaners
Valvoline ATF provides excellent protection and perfect lubrication of the automatic transmission over a wide temperature range
It is for use in new and refurbished automatic transmissions, as depicted in this journal, recommended and not interfere with the vehicle warranties

Optimum protection against wear, even under heavy use
Modern additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foaming, and deposits
Synthetic premium base oils and a balanced additive system avoid breakdowns and stick-slip even after long use
Premium base oils, viscosity and friction modifiers provide specific frictional properties and thus for smooth shifting. In addition, the product of the aging resists and has a good heat resistance
Maintains transmission seals to prevent cracks that can lead to leaks
Excellent viscosity-temperature properties even at very low temperatures. Highly stable viscosity over a long period
Maximizes the life of gears with high mileage

Suitable for automatic transmission of cars, vans and other vehicles, when the manufacturer's specifications, as indicated in this data sheet recommends.
Can also be used in some transmissions
Sometimes recommended as power steering oil
Suitable for long oil change intervals

Valvoline recommends this gear oil for use in vehicles, are required for the following specifications:
GM Dexron IID, IIE, III, IIIH, VI, 9986195
Mercedes-Benz NAG-1, 3403-M115
Ford Mercon, Mercon V, SP, LV, FNR 5
Mini Cooper Mopar AS68RC
BMW LT 71141, LA 2634 M-1375.4, 6 ETL 7045E, ETL 8072B
Nissan / Infiniti S, D, J, K-matic
Chrysler Diamond SP-III, NAG-1, 3403-M115
Saab 93,165,147
Chrysler ATF +3
Subaru ATF, ATF HP
Honda / Acura ATF-Z1 (not CVT)
Toyota / Lexus type T, T-III, IV-T, WS (except Hybrid Vehicles)
Mitsubishi Diamond SP-II, III, IV
Volvo 1161521 ** 1161540 **
Hyundai SPH-IV
VW / Audi G-052-025-A2, G-055-005-A2, G-052-162-A1
VW / Audi A6 G-055-162-G-052-990-A2, G-060-162-A2
KIA Red-1V
VW / Audi TL 52162
Mazda MV *
ZF ATF M 1375.4, 6`
Mercedes-Benz 236.1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14
Jatco transmission N 402

Packaging: Can
Contents: 1 liter

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