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ATF ATF MB7S-610 (blue)

High-ATF to the new generation of Mercedes-Benz latest 7-speed automatic with a production date 21.06.2010
Specifically designed for the requirements of the latest MB-7-speed automatic transmission (NAG 2)
It has a particularly low viscosity, thus increasing the efficiency of the transmission
Excellent wear protection over the entire life cycle
Guaranteed a very stable friction coefficient and optimum low temperature properties

Not backward compatible with the voherigen ATF's
It may only be used after the production date 06.2010
Not suitable for use in DCT / DSG (dual clutch) or CVT (Continuously Variable automatic) transmissions suitable
To distinguish the oils better and to avoid errors, this ATF is dyed blue.
The change intervals for the vehicle manufacturer must be observed!

Recommended use:
Mercedes MB 236.15

Technical specifications:
Oil Blue
Viscosity at 40/100 ° C: 23.3 / 5.1 mm² / s (test method DIN 51562)
Density at 15 ° C: 0.843 kg / cm (Test Method DIN 51757)
Flash point:> 190 ° C (test method DIN ISO 2592)

Packaging: Schraubverschlussdose
Content: 5 liters

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