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Getriebeöl ATF CVT 5 Liter JMC

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High Performance Automatic transmission fluid, based on specially selected HC synthetic oils
Specially adapted to the requirements in modern CVTs
Rationalization opportunities for use in CVT transmissions
Excellent metal / metal friction stability and Reibwertperformance
Outstanding torque transmission
Excellent low temperature switching behavior
Best wear protection properties for reliable performance and longest life
Permanently good switching performance over the entire service interval
Outstanding aging and oxidation stability
Designed for the special requirements in many stepless CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) gearheads with push and Zuggliederband
Not for use in hybrid CVT (Honda / Ford), DCT / DSG (dual clutch transmission) or stepped automatic suitable
Special automatic transmission fluid: From a mixture with conventional ATF is not recommended

JMC recommends this gear oil for use in vehicles which comply with the following specifications:
Audi TL 52,180 (G 052 180) / TL 52,516 (G052 516)
BMW (EZL799)
Daihatsu TC / Amix CVTF DC / -DFE
Dodge / Jeep NS-2/4 + CVTF
Ford (CVT23 / 30) MERCON C
General Motors GM / SATURN DEX-CVT
Honda HMMF / HFC-2
Kia / Hyundai CVTF
Mercedes-benz MB 236.20
Mini (EZL799)
Mitsubishi DiaQueen NS-2 / CVT fluid J1 / J4
Nissan NS-2 / -3
Toyota TC
Subaru NS-2 / Linea Tronic CVTF
Suzuki TC / NS-2 / CVT Green 1/2
Volkswagen / VW TL 52180 (G 052 180) / TL 52,516 (G052 516)

Container type: Canister
Content: 5 liters

Package: 4
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