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Getriebeöl 75W140 LS 5 Liter JMC

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JMC transmission oil 75W-140 LS Extra
Synthetic multigrade gear oil for manual transmissions and rear axles and for heavily loaded hypoid axle, spur gears, bevel gears, steering and gearboxes vehicles and machinery
Especially suitable for the new generation of 5- and 6-speed manual transmission and axle drives with and without limited slip differential
Provides excellent "Limited Slip" (LS) properties
Ensures even at high loads a pressure-resistant lubricating film
Constant multigrade character also with long intervals used
Suitable for year-round use
Excellent shear stability
Very good viscosity-temperature behavior
Protects against unwanted deposits
Optimum wear protection
High oxidation resistance
Low foaming
Good compatibility with non-ferrous metals and sealing materials
Can be mixed with conventional gear oils
Manufacturer approvals:
MIL L-2105 D
Specification API:
GL5 / GL5 LS
Manufacturer recommendations:
BMW (Hinterachsgetriebeöl MSP / A)
Ford M2C187-A / 192-A / 192-A + M2C118-A
GM 12346140/1942386
MB 235.61
Use as a rationalization product especially with regard to the newer generation of 5- and 6-speed manual transmission and axle drives with and without limited slip differential.
Particularly suitable where "limited slip" (LS) - properties are in demand
Suitable for:
Gearbox and rear axles of many popular vehicles
Heavily loaded hypoid axle transmission
Helical and bevel gear
Change gear in vehicles and machinery
steering gear
Container type: Canister
Content: 5 liters
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Container:5 Litre
Manufacturer Approvals:MIL L-2105 D
Hersteller Empfehlungen:BMW (Hinterachsgetriebeöl MSP/A)
Ford M2C187-A/192-A/192-A+M2C118-A
GM 12346140/1942386
MB 235.61
API Specification:GL5