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Norton Pro A975 Plus Norgrip® disc, 15-hole

Designed for demanding grinding applications on primed and painted surfaces, composites, marine gel-coat and non-ferrous metals
Specially designed for the grinding of hard and resistant coatings such as ceramic coatings and for dry sanding
Shows most aggressive and abrasive behavior coolest
With excellent wear resistance, it lasts up to 2 times as long as conventional versions
The fiber-reinforced latex paper B-weight is a 50 - 60% increase in tensile strength with excellent flexibility
The waterbased stearate No-Fil® additional coating provides maximum safety against clogging and extends the service life
Due to the unique color coding of the color pigments are not back in the bond or coating additive required, which avoids contamination of the surface to be ground
15-hole Velcro eccentric with excellent wear resistance and faster material removal

Features / Benefits:
Norton SG® ceramic grain, blended with premium heat treated aluminum: higher and faster grinding performance, ideal for larger surfaces, increased service life and therefore less changeover times, constant and uniform scratch pattern
Unique blue fiber-reinforced latex paper: Combines flexibility and tensile strength
Water-based No-Fil® additional coating, no color pigments in binding or coating: Reduces clogging in the grinding process, no danger of color contamination

Diameter: 150 mm
Center hole Ø: 18 mm
Holes: 15 times
Grit: P80

Carton Quantity: 100

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