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Turbo Igel
Allows you to paints, underbody protection, seals and rust from metallic surfaces quickly remove cost without using an expensive special machine.

The Turbo hedgehog is having a tool holder directly to a cordless drill, an angle grinder (with thread M 14x1.5, max 3,500 r / min.) Or a flexible shaft mounted.
Work with high speed provides a larger surface roughness (3000 U / min compared with sandpaper grit 60) at low engine speeds, the surface roughness is smaller (800 U / min compared with 120 grit sandpaper). The result is an optimal base - sandblasting effect - for tin, fill in, coating and painting.
Other advantages:
The exposed structure, clogging is prevented, the brushed-off particles are thrown away immediately.
Hardly heating of the processed region.
The special steel used the Turbo Igel is flexible and therefore achieve optimum use of round edges, grooves, contours and other hard to reach places.
Easy to sharpen 5-6 times by counter-clockwise. - Counterclockwise run about 15 seconds, simply repeat the process is very dirty.
Genuine material removal, in contrast to normal wire brush, wherein the surface sealant is often only smeared.
Made in Germany
Turbo Igel + 1 Dorn

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