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Multi-Air Alternative: 5641196
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Multi-Air® sanding strip Plus
The new product A975 No-Fil® SG® is designed for the most abrasive applications on primers and leveling, in painted panels and composite materials, such as gel coat, as well as coatings for wood and non-ferrous metals. It is particularly suitable for smoothing on resistant surfaces such as ceramic Transparent materials. A975 is the result of the combination of the abrasive SG® with heat treated aluminum and provides a more powerful interface. Thanks to an excellent durability, a longer service life of the product is guaranteed.
It lasts twice as long as conventional abrasives. With A975 can be achieved with an optimum surface finish is maintained a very consistent cut.
The fiber-reinforced latex paper (B paper) ensures a longer by 50 to 60% durability than conventional paper and for optimal flexibility. The product can be used for both the Trockenals also for wet grinding. Further, the stearate No-Fil® guaranteed waterborne a very high resistance to clogging and a longer shelf life. Thanks to the advanced dyeing pigments are excluded in the no-Fil® or in the binding, which prevents possible contamination of the workpiece or the transfer of the color during processing.
- New ceramic SG® Norton with heat treated aluminum
- Fiber Reinforced Latex paper backing
- No-Fil® treatment waterborne prevents the clogging without pigments
- High cutting speed
- Ideal for large areas
- Full and consistent cut
- Combination of flexibility and resilience
- Resistant to clogging, no color pigments on the workpiece
- Long service life of the product
- Broad Range of Applications
Dimensions: 70 x 420 mm
Grit: P120
Package: 50

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