Synthese-Aktivöl 500 ml JMC

mit Duplexdüse ALTN5540024
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JMC synthesis active oil with duplex nozzle
Unique, synthetic oil with adhesive additive for long-term lubrication
Fully synthetic high-performance oil with adhesive additive and long-term lubrication
Very high oxidation and aging stability
No gumming or gluing
Provides optimum protection against friction and wear
Excellent corrosion protection with a long duration of action
High penetrating properties with very good ventilation time
Compatible with all sealing materials
Temperature stability of -40 ° C to 150 ° C
Contains no white oil / mineral oil
At Ester and PAO base
Precise spraying for example when used as a contact spray or in the care of locking cylinders. Simply the tube at an angle of 90 ° show.
For the area use: simplifies maintenance of tools, simply fold the tube completely again
The new duplex nozzle there looking no annoying tubes more
One hand can remain free thanks to integration into the spray head
silicone free
At every inspection and maintenance.
Particularly for the smallest and suitable precision parts.
Wherever a fat is not suitable or desired.
Excellent for Gangbarmachen of tie rods, hinges and locking cylinders.
Provides optimal protection against corrosion and wear.
Through this protective effect are significantly longer service life is possible even in extreme weather conditions.
Packaging: spray can
Contents: 500 ml
Package: 12
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