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Anti-Seize LB 8023 453G

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LOCTITE Anti-Seize LB 8023
Anti-Seize with ultimate wash out resistance (high-pressure cleaner resistant)
Suitable for stainless steel
Corrosion protection of metal compounds
Excellent lubricity
Prevents Galvanic Corrosion
For outdoor use
Excellent splash resistance
Washout resistance eg by wheel cleaner at the car wash
Fresh and salt water Good
Certified by the American Bureau of Shipping
Hub (rims corrode no longer fixed)
Exhaust connections
Brake shoe
To optimize solid gaskets and flange connections to water pump
Bolts, screws, studs, pipe joints, nuts, shafts, bushings, splines
Chains and cables in the boat and shipbuilding, and parts are under water
Technical specifications:
Color: Black
Operating temperature: -30 C ° to +1315 ° C
Contents: 453 grams
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