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Multifunktionsspray 500 ml JMC

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JMC multifunction spray with duplex nozzle

A resin, acid and silicone-free, all-purpose product for five application areas: as corrosion protection, lubricant, cleaner, contact spray or rust removal (rust remover)
Lubricates, cleans and cares
Excellent creep properties ensure quick rust and Korrosionsdurchdringung for effective rust removal
Very good lubrication properties - eliminates rattles and squeaks and reduces friction and wear
By infiltration of dirt, grease and oil residues good cleaning performance is guaranteed
Good anticorrosion properties by best adhesion to metals
Creates a thin, viscous protection film which protects even on the smallest bumps from moisture and thus effectively prevents corrosion
Water and feuchtigkeitsverdrängende properties
Resin, acid and silicone-free
Good compatibility with rubber, paint and plastics
Eliminates leakage
Precise spraying for example when used as a contact spray or in the care of locking cylinders. Simply the tube at an angle of 90 ° show.
For the area application: for example, at the rim cleaning or maintenance of tools, simply fold the tube completely again
The new duplex nozzle there looking no annoying tubes more
One hand can remain free thanks to integration into the spray head

Dissolves rusted bolts, pipe fittings, nuts, bolts, hinges, Bowden cables, shafts, locks, etc.
Lubricates locks, hinges, bushings, chains, door locks
Cleans and maintains plastic and metal parts such as linings and housing
Prevents corrosion of metals and electrical assemblies, cable connectors, relays, connectors, couplings, etc.
Prevents icing locking cylinders and locks

Application: Pre-clean to be treated. From about 20 cm from spray evenly.

Temperature range: -20 to +150 ° C
Colour: pale yellow, transparent

Packaging: spray can
Contents: 500 ml
Package: 12
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