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JMC Electronics Spray

Protects electronics and metal from corrosion and moisture
High quality electrical protection to prevent startup problems in wet conditions
Due to the extremely good creep infiltrates and displaces the spray water and moisture
Motor parts are protected against corrosion and fouling
Suitable for the care and maintenance of all electrical or electronic components, as well as all electrical contacts
It prevents short circuits, current leakage and voltage losses, thereby making the entire car and motorcycle electrics / electronics functionally reliable
Undercuts and displaces moisture on cables, connections and electrical contacts as well as to the entire ignition system
It avoids starting problems, reduces wear, cleans and protects against corrosion, has good creep, prevents oxidation and acts displaces water
It does not attack paint, rubber or plastic to
Excellent adhesion
Good Durchdringungswirkung
Raises oxidized contact points
Liquid insulation means
Fast action
Resistant to water, salts, weak acids and bases
Sprayed by using a special valve 360 ​​in any position

Fields of application:
Switches, cables, plugs, spark plugs, fuses

Colour: transparent
Temperature resistance: -35 ° C to + 200 ° C

Packaging: spray can
Content: 400 ml

Carton: 6
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