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LOCTITE omniVISC® 1050

Ready to use and permanently elastic silicone rubber adhesive
Cures at room temperature by contact with the moisture film present on all surfaces and the humidity
Particularly suitable for bonding and sealing of materials with different thermal expansion
z. B. metals, glass, ceramics, wood, fabric, leather, elastomers and thermosetting plastics and among each other.
Begins after about 15 minutes to cure (indicated by a "skinning")
Depending on the application is to be expected with a completely dry in 24 hours to a few days
After complete curing chemically highly resistant, z. B. to water, weak acids and alkalis, fuels and lubricants, inert and combustible gases, oxygen, hydraulic fluids, etc.
Wide temperature range of -70 ° C to +200 ° C under continuous load
It is suitable for tight bonding and sealing gaps as well as for filling of large joints and gaps
The silicone rubber adhesive has anti-adhesive properties
Neither paints and coatings, other media adhere to cured omniVISC surfaces
It is characterized by a very good electrical insulation properties
Resistant to abrasion, moisture, weathering and chemical
Suitable protective coating
Colourless transparent and has due to its softly flowing setting a good wetting and adhesiveness

Application examples:
Gluing and sealing of glass with metals and plastics in vehicle construction, architecture and equipment
Sealing in and securing threads when a slight solubility is desired
Attaching aluminum type and company signs on rough surfaces of other materials instead bisherigem screws or rivets
Bonding fabrics of all kinds with plastics and metals in the automotive and appliance industries
Bonding of thermosetting plastics in the relay and Schalterbau with metal parts, especially when temperature stresses
Filling and sealing of joints on penetrations of cables, pipes, equipment, switches, lighting fixtures, mainly in explosion-proof rooms
For abrasion resistant and anti-adhesive lining of containers, bunkers and silos in chemical apparatus
Sealing Transparent windows of all kinds in instrument faceplates, heating furnaces, gas appliances, water meters and caravans

Contents: 90 grams
Package: Tube

For more information you can refer to the technical data sheet (see Media)
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