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3M ™ Scotch cloth tape / fixing belt 5959
High fixing force, easily detached again.
In particular, the 1-Man disc changes it comes to a good fixation of the disc. The new 3M fixing belt has excellent fixing properties, but can also be removed easily ...
• Due to its UV-resistant, water-resistant carrier material and the highly shear-resistant adhesive is ideal as Scheibenfixierband and for holding and Abdeckanwendungen outdoors.
• The output solid support material prevents damage to the surface.
• The special adhesive can be cleanly removed from most translucent surfaces up to 90 days after order.
• The red color ensures high conspicuity.
• No adhesive bleed at the role pages, so less pollution of the roles in the application.
Dimensions (W x L): 48 mm x 41.1 m
Thickness: 0.30 mm
Red color
Tensile strength (ASTM D-3759): 61.3 N / cm
Elongation at break (ASTM D-3759): 21%
Temperature resistance: 90 ° C
Packaging: roll

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