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Terra-S Reifenpannen Kit

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TERRA-S® Puncture 1-2-GO
With extra strong, fast compressor
Good for: Cars (. Eg medium-sized vehicles such as golf), caravans, caravan, trailer, etc
Resolve effortlessly in minutes (about 5 minutes), the most common punctures (z. B. damage by puncturing objects such as screws or nails of max. Ø 6 mm in the tire tread and tire shoulder) without annoying Radwechsel
Simple, fast clean and without effort - only two operating steps by the 1-2-GO system:
Tire sealant bottle simply plug into the tire (1)
The compressor connection to the tire sealant bottle rotate (2-
Compressor switch on :. The powerful compressor pumps the sealant within a short time into the tire (GO)
The tire is now ready for use again for the onward journey (max. 80 km / h), z. B. the next workshop
Used by leading car manufacturers: Technical release eg Audi, BMW, Honda, Porsche, Renault, Toyota and VW
Other advantages:
More storage space in the trunk
Better sealing performance than conventional roadside sprays
Also suitable for caravans, caravan, trailer, etc.
Fuel economy through weight reduction of 20 kg
Less expensive than a spare wheel
CO 2 saving / environmental protection
Technical specifications:
Durability: 4 years
Temperature resistance: min. -40 ° C ... + 70 ° C
Power: 36L / 2.5 bar for about 5 min
Amperage: max. 15A
Dimensions: 168 x 150 x 66 mm
Weight: 1,260 g
Compressor 12 volts, with universal plug
Tire Sealant 450 ml (flameproof bottle)
speed label
instruction manual
Bag in black

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Terra-S Nachfüllflasche
Terra-S Nachfüllflasche
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1-2-gold 450ML
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