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WERA Assembly set for tire pressure monitoring systems 12-piece

High accuracy
The adjustable torque screwdrivers meet the requirements of the standards EN ISO 6789, BS EN 26789 with respect to the measurement accuracy of ± 6%.
With the auxiliary tool located in the handle of the desired torque value is set. With each rotation through 180 ° of the torque value is changed, and the adjusting ring engages felt.
On reaching the set torque of the torque screwdriver triggers mechanically and signals this clearly heard and felt. Further tightening of the screw is then no longer possible.
The set torque value is exactly above the reading phase to read the right or left of the arrowhead.
To ensure also the loosening tight bolts, the release torque is (in contrast to the tightening torque) is not limited.
Protection against tampering with signet ring.
Destruction of the seal indicates that the torque indicator has been tampered with and a proper and applicational use is no longer guaranteed.
With a sure grip the right tool by marking the handle with screws s symbol, size and torque.
Ideal for narrow spaces by the slender blade with only 4 mm in diameter.
Improved ergonomics by the Wera Kraftform handle

Suitable for eg: Alligator, Schrader, HUF / Beru, Herth & Buss, among others

The manufacturer recommends storing this tool always in a relaxed state.

Scope of supply:
1x Torque screwdriver 3.3 Nm
each 1x torque screwdriver with pistol grip 4.0 to 8.8 + 4.0 Nm
each 1x Torque Screwdriver Torx T10 with fixed 2.0 + 1.25 + 1.4 Nm
1 each hexagon socket 1/4 "11 mm, 12 mm
each 1x Torx screwdriver bit T15, T20
1x Adapter 1/4 "6-kant / 1/4" 4-kant
1x Valve Holder
1x plastic case with PUR insert

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