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AL-KO safety coupling AKS ™ 1300

With stabilizer, 180-1360 kg
Movements: Any snaking and pitching movements of the trailer can be effectively suppressed
Quiet ride: Relaxed, easy driving with the trailer / Caravann increases security
Gewschwindigkeit: The AKS ™ allows a higher theoretical maximum speed (observe maximum permissible speed). In addition, the team in an emergency situation can calm down quickly
How it works: two special friction linings are pressed from left and right to the trailer ball of the car by pressing the stabilizing handle. The braking torque of the linings can max. Amount to 320 Nm. Swing or pitching movements are thus effectively suppressed in the bud
Operation: coupling and stabilizing handle are separate and both respectively to operate with one hand. No cumbersome Access Control. For easy maneuvering of the trailer stabilization handle is easily opened.
The AKS ™ does not need to be entered in the trailer documents and attachments must not be removed by a licensed expert. Only the installation and operating instructions must be enclosed with the trailer papers

Technical specifications:
Permissible Gesamtgewichtz: until 1360 kg
Drawbar load: 100 kg
Holes: horizontal and cross
Weight: 3.5KG

Dimensions (see Figure 2)
A connection Ø 35 + 50 mm (horizontal) / 45 + 50 (crosswise) mm
Connection B: 50 + 54 mm (horizontal) / 40 (crosswise) mm
Connection C: 11 mm (horizontal) / 18 (crosswise) mm
Length D: 168 mm

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