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Digital Ignition timing (strobe) with LED display
for controlling and setting the ignition timing to gasoline engines
for 12 volt systems at 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines
for all vehicles with high tension ignition cable leading
especially for engines that have no angle mark on the pulley
suitable for 4-stroke Verteilerzündanlagen, 2-Takter- and two-spark ignition systems
extra bright Xenon light flashes through special lens
Self-powered by alligator clips
additional alligator clip and Induktivzange to measure rpm, dwell, and voltage test
perfect setting the firing of 0 - 60 °
Closing angle test 0-99, 9% with Conversion Table
Motor-speed diameter of 200 - 9999 U / min.
Voltage drop test
Knob on the housing side for adjusting the delay of the flash
Mode can be selected via a button on the rear panel
Technical specifications
Width in mm: 65mm
Functional attributes 1: Check for electrical problems
Main catalog page: K15P_265
Height in mm: 180mm
Length mm: 270mm

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